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RSO Gummies

Full-Spectrum Edibles Are Here!

Our RSO Gummies are a new class of full-spectrum offerings by Acure by D

esign! RSO Gummies utilize full-spectrum cannabis oil, which is delicately processed to retain all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids directly from the plant. As a result, the flavor is characteristic of the individual strain’s unique bouquet of terpenes — a “whole plant extract.”

While the effects of regular edibles are still suitable for consumers looking for a more familiar elevation experience, full spectrum edibles give that extra level of experience and relief some users might be looking for.

How to Consume RSO Gummies

Acure by Design RSO Gummies offer a long-lasting alternative to smoking and vaporizing cannabis as an oral medication. Because oral THC medications are processed by the liver, edibles can create an increased elevated experience for some consumers. It’s important to note that the onset time for oral medications is around 1-2hrs, and each gummy is 5mg, but patients who have not tried edibles before are recommended to halve or quarter a gel. Start LOW, go SLOW, and allow for up to two hours for effects to take place before increasing your dosage.

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