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How To Buy Weed In DC


So, you want to know how to get weed in DC? Well, you've come to the right place. Not only will this guide tell you where to find the best sources of marijuana in Washington, DC, but we'll also show you how to be safe and smart about it.

Is Weed Legal in DC?

Adults over the age of 21 in the District of Columbia may legally possess cannabis and cultivate their own at home. Initiative 71, also known as Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Initiative of 2014, was passed with the support of the people in the state. It won with a majority of votes close to two-thirds. The proposal made it legal for people to possess, cultivate, and gift marijuana for recreational use. 2015 was the year that saw the implementation of the policy.

While possessing marijuana in the district is lawful, it is illegal to purchase it anyplace. How, then, can individuals get marijuana if nobody can legally sell it to them? No one is permitted to sell marijuana; however, persons over the age of 21 are permitted to gift one another up to one ounce of marijuana. A "gifting" dispensary in Washington, DC, allows the purchase of marijuana without a medical card, however, the sale of recreational marijuana remains legally prohibited. As a result, sellers now provide "free" marijuana as a "gift" with the purchase of another product. Stickers, herbal teas

On the other hand, patients can legally acquire medicinal cannabis from a licensed medical dispensary using their patient identification card.

How to Get Medical Weed in DC

Starting July 2022, adults over the age of 21 are allowed to "self-certify" as medical cannabis patients and have access to dispensaries without needing a referral from their physician.

DC residents are required to submit an application, along with their Social Security number, a recent 2" x 2" face picture, and either a DC DMV REAL ID or evidence of residence together with a government-issued photo ID, in order to register as a medical cannabis patient and acquire a card. It is possible to hand in applications in person, submit them online, or send them via mail.

A non-DC resident who wishes to buy medical cannabis from a licensed dispensary in the District of Columbia must either apply for a 30-day temporary registration or present their patient registration from a state or territory in the United States that participates in a reciprocity program to do so.

How to Get Recreational Weed in DC

Again, no one is allowed to sell or buy marijuana. Anyone over the age of 21 may give one another up to one ounce of marijuana as a gift. Here are methods to get marijuana for recreational use in DC:

Go to a cannabis shop

Cannabis shops in DC are brick-and-mortar stores that comply with Initiative 71 and offer a variety of miscellaneous items in addition to gift cannabis in a retail environment. Avoid problems by choosing only reputable gifting dispensaries that operate within Initiative 71's guidelines. Again, you will not be able to "purchase" marijuana; rather, it will be given to you as a gift. These businesses do not need any kind of marijuana card or referral from their customers.

It would be best if you began by searching for a business online, determining whether or not its location is convenient for you, and then browsing its weed gift menu to see whether it has the items you want. In addition to the weed gifts they offer, you should pay attention to the non-weed items they are selling and determine whether or not you are interested in purchasing them.

When you go to the shop you've chosen, they could ask you to register or fill out some paperwork, but at the very least, they will look at your identification to ensure you are more than 21 years old.

You should let them know the gifts you prefer after you've selected them, but you shouldn't tell them that you intend to purchase them. At the time of checkout, you should continue to be cautious not to make any references to buying any of the available cannabis-related things and instead make references to the fact that payment is for their actual products.

Use a delivery service

In the district, some businesses provide delivery services. It functions similarly to storefronts, except that you have to choose your gift and make your purchase online or over the phone. Both your address and your order will need to be provided.

Some businesses will let you schedule a delivery appointment ahead, which is a fantastic option that can spare even the busiest of bees some precious time. It is important to know that you will not be allowed to have recreational marijuana delivered to federal property, such as government buildings or the National Mall.

Request Pick-Ups

Some marijuana businesses in the District of Columbia provide a service called "Pick-Up," in which the customer and the brand meet at a private indoor location, such as a hotel room, condo, or Airbnb. Appointments are often required for these types of services.

There should be no problem securing an appointment one to two hours in advance; moreover, it is recommended that you schedule your appointment early, particularly if you are running behind schedule.

Pick-ups give you a chance to inquire and take your time browsing the variety of weed gifts available, much like many recreational shops in the district.

Attend a Weed Pop Up Event

One way to get legal weed in DC is at a pop-up event hosted by some of the area's initiative 71 compliant stores.

If you notice a DC Weed Pop-Up advertisement on social media, you should exercise extreme caution while at the event. The police are on high alert to ensure that these events are carried out in accordance with the law and without incident. Make sure that you are just receiving cannabis as a gift, and that the local companies present at the pop-up are not selling it to prevent any potential problems.

Tip on How to Find the Best Weed in DC

In Washington, DC, there are several cannabis shops to select from. But use caution, not all of them have been authorized or are in compliance with I71. There are also shady back-door sellers among these dispensaries, and patronizing them may often lead to you engaging in illegal behavior. Getting into trouble is undoubtedly not something any of us would want to do.

Check Out Online Forums

Online Forums Reviews from online forums are often credible sources when looking for high-quality marijuana. There are several internet forums devoted to the discussion of cannabis, and the majority of these forums include sections that are centered on certain localities or areas. This is an excellent way to determine which dispensaries have the highest quality items and which ones to avoid going to.

Ask Around

One of the easiest ways to find out where to buy weed in DC is by asking around. Talk to friends and acquaintances who smoke pot and see if they know where they got their last weed or if they've heard of any good places nearby.

Try out different dispensaries

A further piece of advice is to shop around for a dispensary that best suits your needs. You, and you alone, are the best person to determine whether or not certain cannabis is excellent. Ratings and comments will point you in the correct direction but remember that personal preference will always come into play. It's crucial to test out a few different dispensaries until you discover one you feel comfortable with since not all of them will be a good fit for you.

To conclude, you should always check to see whether the shops you visit have been granted a license to operate or are in compliance with the rules of Initiative 71 and that they provide a broad choice of cannabis products from which to pick.

Can Tourists Buy Weed in Washington, DC?

When visiting Washington, DC, tourists are not prohibited from obtaining cannabis from smoke shops or delivery services from I71-compliant shops. The legalization of cannabis has already been taken advantage of by many of the district's visitors.

To acquire marijuana in DC, the sole condition is that you must be at least 21 years old. It is not necessary to be a resident of the District of Columbia or to have a place of residence to get delivery since many delivery services provide the option of "pick-up" at a curbside spot inside the district.

If you're going to be in DC for numerous nights, there are delivery services that will gladly bring your items to your hotel. There are also several Airbnbs in the area that is 420-friendly.

As a visitor, you should use extreme caution to avoid breaking the law by using cannabis on federal grounds. This encompasses not just the government buildings but also the parks, the National Mall, and most of the waterfront regions. Also, make sure to follow the tips provided in this guide.

Going to a medical dispensary in DC is not a problem if you already have a medical card from your home state since the DC medical program provides reciprocity to the medical programs of all other states.

What Not to Do If You Want to Get Weed in DC

The things to avoid when getting weed in DC are:

  • Don't buy weed. Keep in mind that you are not purchasing weed in the District of Columbia; instead, you are getting it as a free gift in exchange for buying another product.

  • Never, ever purchase from a marijuana dispensary or delivery service in Washington, District of Columbia, that does not have any reviews on Google. This is the quickest way to be taken advantage of!

  • Don't buy from an illegal dealer. This might seem obvious, but there are still plenty of people who don't realize that buying from an illegal dealer is not only illegal but also dangerous! Buying weed from an illegal dealer is dangerous because they don't care about regulations or testing standards.

  • Don't smoke marijuana or use it in any form in public places or other areas open to the general public.

Visit the House of Herbs - an I-71 Compliant Cannabis Gifting Dispensary

Well, there you have it. A simple, easy to follow guide to getting weed in the District of Columbia. With this guide in hand, purchasing marijuana in the District of Columbia should be a breeze.

House of Herbs has done the legwork to assure that you will get free premium weed that complies with Initiative 71. House of Herbs is an Initiative 71 compliant cannabis gifting dispensary in NW DC. We gift free cannabis flowers, edibles, and concentrates with the purchase of any herbal tea. Learn more about House of Herbs here.

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding weed. We would love to hear from you.

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